1. Routes are used so the customer can create route manifests and group locations together for when delivering packages.

  2. Creating Routes

    1. Select Admin.

    2. Select Manage Routes under package tracking.

    3. Click on the Plus icon to add a new Route. Enter the Route Name, Route Description, and select a color for this Route. Click OK when finished.

  3. Adding existing Locations to Routes

    1. Select a Route that has been created.

    2. Select a Location or a Parent Location located on the list to the right of routes this will assign the location and any of its children to the Route. Click “Add To Route” to confirm addition.

    3. The Routes will have a colored icon representing the route they are on next to it.

      1. If you do not see the color after adding the route press the F5 key on the keyboard to refresh the page.

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