1. Auto Importing is an option the customer can purchase. If it is enabled follow the procedure below to setup the Auto import.

  2. Enabling Auto Import in WTS

    1. Go to “Admin” > “Advanced” > “Import Settings/History”.

    2. Check “Use Auto Import”.

    3. Define if Recipient Code (ID) and/or Location Code (LocCode) are required. These headers are defined in the CSV file.

    4. Determine if the client wants to Clear Previous Recipients and/or Clear Previous Locations every time WTS Auto Imports.

    5. Click “Save”.

      1. For WTS the file will be loaded on a FTP server that is given to you during installation or training for WTS. The file can be loaded daily if desired. Every night between 1 and 5am EST if a file is present it will be auto uploaded. The frequency of the auto import is determined by you and when the file is uploaded to the FTP.

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