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    By default 3 factory jobs are programmed on the IM-35. Here you can find the explanation of these 3 default jobs.

    Explanation of default jobs

    1. J1 = F1; Empty envelope partially transported out of the extractor unit. Contents transported to the receiving tray. The next cycle starts once the contents are removed from the receiving tray. Daily mail  mode,  including  extraction.
    2. J2 = F2; Empty envelope fully transported to the back side. Contents transported to the receiving tray. The  next cycle  automatically  starts,  based  on the set  cycle  time.  Automatic  mode,  including extraction.
    3. J3 = F3; Each envelope is cut at up to three sides and exited at the front side, including its contents. The next cycle automatically starts, based on the set cycle time. Automatic mode without extraction.
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